Menstrual Cycle App

Menstrual Cycle App

Did you know about this? – I just discovered that you can now download an app that tracks your menstrual cycle app.

My period comes fairly regularly, then it goes away again, and while I’m not trying to actually get pregnant.. (click here if you are)

..the whole thing does actually take me by complete surprise every month, maybe because my head and the clouds have always been in quite close contact in recent years – but still., I don’t really feel the need to inform my cellphone when I’ve got the painters in.

The app I am referring to is called the Hormone Horoscope Pro, and is available for the cost of a few dollars..

Having purchased this myself a few months ago, I can happily reveal that my hormones (and yours) are indeed a revelation.

Firstly, this app, and others like it – is more to do with biology than astrology. It helps to make you realise that, if you menstruate, then you are always experiencing some part of that menstrual cycle, any time of the day.

This hormonal journey doesn’t just affect fertility/infertility – it affects your courage, your self-worth, your attractiveness to others and your energy levels, and the idea is that you can use the knowledge to plan your life accordingly.

The first day of your cycle is the first day of your period, and now you can track everything with this handy app.

My personality swings make sense after all.

I’ve just been going through the various stages of my cycle, and feeling the lovely rush of oestrogen, (which drops twice every cycle), or the onslaught of progesterone, without realising I could work with them rather than against them.

Ovulation then, close to my heart of course.  I have learned so much about how ovulation affects your social life, and this is the time for me to be more sociable. My desire to be around other people is at its zenith. My social nerves disappear.

As someone who likes writing, I see now that the boundless ideas and juicy flow of words all come in the first half of my cycle (seriously). The quieter time for reflection, and maybe research, comes in the second half of my cycle. That’s not actually depression but progesterone.

Here is the interesting bit – it is not just women who experience this effect.

I spoke to a male colleague recently who admits he spent years confounded by a low sex drive, bouts of depression and weight gain, before finally discovering that a teenage head injury, long forgotten about, had damaged his pituitary gland.

So his body could go through the motions but the instructions to perform were missing. When he finally got himself tested, it turned out he had the testosterone levels of a 90-year-old man. So now he injects a variety of hormone treatments into his body every morning – extremely similar to what he would be taking if he were transitioning from female to male in gender reassignment – and his life has changed immeasurably.

Be careful who you share your findings with of course – the very mention of hormones puts you straight into the murky underworld of black-market drugs.

For me, the most exciting thing has been learning to listen to what my hormones have been whispering at me all this time. And this was the cost of a coffee well spent for the great insights I now have about my behaviour patterns!

How it Works

All you need to do is input two pieces of information:

  1. The typical length of your menstrual cycle (input 28 days if you don’t know)
  2. The day you’re on in your cycle right now (Day 1 is the first day of your most recent period and you just count from there).
  • The app will provide a brief Hormone Horoscope that summarizes how your hormones impact your moods, energy, romantic life, shopping habits and more every day of your cycle.
  • Tracks your current menstrual cycle only.
  • Allows you to record notes for each day of your cycle.
  • Offers a daily alert that reminds you to read your Hormone Horoscope.

Download The App Now For FREE.  And let me know what you think.